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Heavy iron isotopes leaking from Earth's core

(Article originally published in ScienceDaily)

The boundary between the liquid iron core and the rocky mantle is located some 1,800 miles (2,900 km) below Earth's surface. At this transition, the temperature drops by more than a thousand degrees from the hotter core to the cooler mantle.

Art and Science Come Together: Otoliths

We as a species have a large and long-lasting effect on the ecosystems of Earth.

Presented at the 2018 Bay-Delta Science Conference, this project showcases just one of the ways we are impacting life on our home planet.

Science or art alone is not always easy to understand, but when they come together, we can better communicate facts and the feelings that come with their implications.

Research done here in the MC-ICP-MS lab is contributing to this greater understanding, thank you Dr. Sturrock for your research, and thank you Mrs. Assaf for the beautiful art!

A Co-op For Scientists

(Excerpt of article published by The Aggie)

Research is costly, equipment is costly! What's the solution? Rachel Paul explains the financial difficulties of various research facilities here in UC Davis, and how a new program will help alleviate some of these stresses.